QuizCross (iOS) review

QuizCross is a new asynchronous multiplayer social game for iOS from MAG Interactive, creators of the popular Ruzzle. It’s available now as a free download from the App Store with an optional $2.99 in-app purchase of the “premium” version to remove ads and add detailed statistics to the player’s profile.

QuizCross combines a trivia quiz with tic-tac-toe to create an interesting two-player face-off. After signing up for an account using either their Facebook account or email address, players may challenge their Facebook friends, friends on QuizCross or random opponents to a match. They may also tweet about the game using iOS5+’s built-in functionality.

On starting a game for the first time, the player receives a brief explanation of the basic rules. The contest takes place on a 3×3 grid, each tile of which is marked with a symbol reflecting the type of questions it represents. Players must capture three tiles in a row to win, and winning a tile is achieved by answering more questions correctly than one’s opponent. Certain tiles may be captured by the other player, leading to a contested battlefield, and the fact that both players are able to see which tile represents which type of question means that opponents who know each other well can play strategically, tackling tiles they know are a particular weakness of their rival. It’s an interesting extra layer atop the already-competitive nature of head-to-head quizzes.

The game is amply equipped with social features. In-game, players may chat to one another as well at competing in the game. Random opponents may be added to the player’s friends list, too, if they find someone who gives them a good match. Facebook connectivity allows those who are friends on Facebook and have signed up for the game to quickly challenge one another; those who are not playing the game may have an invite sent to them via Timeline post. The random opponent finder doesn’t seem to have any trouble finding people to play against, either, though it takes a few minutes to find someone. There’s no need to wait while the game pairs you up with someone, however — you can challenge a Facebook or QuizCross friend in the meantime and the menu will update when a random competitor has been found.

The game monetizes through sales of its “premium” service for $2.99. The basic app is free-to-play, but displays occasional advertising and limits access to certain features. Purchasing the premium option unlocks access to a detailed statistics-tracking screen and also removes all advertising from the game. There is no other monetization in the game as there are no currency or item systems — gameplay is simple, straightforward and pure.

QuizCross is a very good game that provides an interesting twist on the usual quiz game formula. The addition of the light strategy element helps make it a compelling experience that is easy to play in short bursts, and the game is well-equipped with social features to help players find an opponent quickly and easily. It’s a great example of asynchronous multiplayer gaming done right, and deserves to enjoy some success.

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An excellent, fun and highly competitive asynchronous multiplayer quiz with an interesting light strategy element.