Quite Possibly the Dullest ‘Night Out With’ Ever

We’re always drawn to the Sunday Styles’ “A Night Out With” feature, which, as the name suggests, follows an actor or band or erstwhile celebutante around for the evening. This past Sunday’s, with actor Max Minghella, however, left much to be desired. Namely, the night before.

“We don’t really go out,” he said, “except for last night.” He was referring to his going-away party. “We didn’t get back until 7 in the morning and I had to pack. And my ankle is so sore.”

So, instead of Bungalow 8, the Times picks a night in which Minghella and and his Columbia U. posse browsed Kim’s Video for Mean Girls, Domino, Friday Night Lights and Scarface (“I love ‘Scarface.’ Does anyone love ‘Scarface’?”), stopped on the way back to the dorm for Nantucket Nectars and then discussed the cultural significance of The Simple Life.

Good job, Styles.

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