Quit Whining About Your Social Media Budget

Attention Small Business Owners, you can no longer complain about not having the marketing resources of your bigger competition. Facebook has leveled the playing field for you. Yes, you can finally create more impact with less. So study up. It’s time to learn how to use Facebook to outthink and out execute your bigger brand rivals… Click Here To Read The Full Post

Contrary to popular belief, creating and launching a high impact custom Facebook Page doesn’t require a Madison Avenue ad agency, an army of software developers, and soliciting 24/7 advice from every so-called social media expert with a Twitter handle.

Trying to do too much, or copy the “insights” from huge global corporations will just cause you increased anxiety, put your other day-to-day operational duties on hold, and cripple your organization’s productivity.  You should accept the fact that you aren’t a massive global corporation with extra staff, budgets, or time on your hands.

If social media (and all of the hype and noise that surrounds it) has taught us anything, there’s a huge difference between being active and productive. So quit spending the majority of your workday frantically responding to tweets, wall posts, and reading about the social media tools, techniques, and trends of tomorrow.

The only thing stopping you from launching an amazing Facebook page today is you.

(Cue inspiring soundtrack here…) North Social was created with the corporate underdog in mind; we created tools that enable businesses of all sizes to build, launch, and grow a powerful custom Facebook page without writing a single line of code.

We put 18 apps into an affordable app buffet and started helping brands get more out of their presence on Facebook. Today over 80,000 installed North Social apps are helping thousands of small businesses grow their fanbase, push out promotions, distribute exclusive content, showcase their products and services, and of course, antagonize Goliath.


So, if you’re a David-sized brand looking for insanely affordable, flexible, and easy-to-use tools to give your Facebook Page a head-turning makeover, visit North Social. Browse through more than 150 user examples across 20+ industry categories to see some of our slingshots currently in use. (Note: our Fan Page apps do not actually throw rocks at your larger competition.)