Quinn, McFly to Lowe: Don’t Forget About Us!

Radio host Tommy McFly and socialite and occasional freelancer Susanna Quinn are keen to become reality stars, or, in the case of Quinn, at least closely involved with one, as evidenced by their application to join Rob Lowe‘s potential Washington-based show.

There’s been no movement on the show as of yet — it’s on hold — but that hasn’t
stopped the duo from being seriously high on the show’s producer, Lowe. After all, they could conceivably be dropped from the roster at any point if the network doesn’t like the pilot or wants new cast members. McFly makes buttering up something of an art form and simultaneously compliments Quinn and Lowe.

We asked Quinn and McFly about their Lowe fandom. Quinn told FishbowlDC, “Rob Lowe is incredibly well informed about the political landscape and engaged in conversation about it.  Whatever project to which he is attached will be fun and interesting……but maybe not to the same audience as Ice Loves Coco?!”(Reading between the lines, one might assume the E! Network took a pass on young Washington.)

McFly was unapologetic in an email. He gushed, “As for Lowe, have you read the book? It’s amazing, granted I’m only 11 chapter in he’s giving all the details of Outsiders, shared career warstories and growing up with Charlie Sheen.  It makes my 30 minute early morning ride to Fresh roll by.  He has always been a favorite of mine from West Wing to Parks and Rec to his business savy. I was lucky enough to work with Rob on a project, unsure where that will lead, but excited for all possibilities. My priority remains “The Tommy Show” on 947 Fresh FM.”

The examples, meanwhile, are voluminous.

From Quinn:

  • “If you follow me, follow @RobLowe & retweet this. It’s worth it. Think he tweets less than me but he’s more interesting and def nicer.”
  • “@RobLowe as Drew Peterson makes it actually believable that these women wud marry creepy guy. tinyurl.com/4ybhzr3”
  • “Eloquent and entertaining @RobLowe remembrance of Elizabeth Taylor on @thedailybeast http://tinyurl.com/4pfglet”
  • “Heads up DC! RT @RobLowe My new friend #PiersMorgan and I. The interview airs tonight on #CNN. Watch it! http://say.ly/pOij9C”

From McFly:

  • “FINALLY getting to read @RobLowe’s book, on tape. Unreal stories, honesty and humor! I am GLUED #StoriesIOnlyTellMyFriends.”
  • “But not hotter! RT @SusQuinn if you follow me, follow @RobLowe & RT. He tweets less than me but he’s more interesting and def nicer.”
  • “Rob Lowe, Nearly Naked on/in Vanity Fair!”
  • “Why Rob Lowe Left The White House!”
  • “Rob Lowe Does Bill Clinton!”
  • “Rob Lowe Found Shirt, Talks Sheen!”