Quinn and Tannen on Female Communication

WaPo‘s Sally Quinn and author and Georgetown University Linguistics Professor Deborah Tannen will be the panel on Sept. 23 for an event highlighting how women communicate at a downtown D.C. hotel. Tickets are $45. Don’t hold this queasy phrasing against Bisnow, whose hosting the event, but they’re billing it as the “best schmooze around before and after” the event.

Getting over that hurdle, is Quinn really an expert communicator?

One reader raised an eyebrow at the panel selection of WaPo‘s Sally Quinn, noting that “how Sally communicates” has been a “popular topic in certain journo circles over the years.”

In late February, after writing about her weird personal family wedding controversy, WaPo yanked Quinn’s “Party” column and positioned her back online to write “On Faith.”

Buy tickets for the event here.

See a detailed event description, including the “schmoozing” after the jump…


Overview: We are honored to announce that two of Washington’s most famous and influential women, author Deborah Tannen and journalist Sally Quinn, will join us together in conversation on a topic of riveting interest: How women communicate—to family members, employers, men, and each other. Hearing either one of these women would be an exceptional occasion; hearing them converse together, and take your questions, will be truly memorable. Plus, as usual, the best schmooze around before and after. And, a book included in the admission price—which Deborah will remain on site to sign for you.