QuickPix Gives the iPhone & iPad Burst Photo Mode (free for now)

The iPhone and iPad 2 are reasonably responsive as camera devices. Tap the camera shutter icon and your photo is recorded. But, as with any camera, it is sometimes difficult to get what you intended when the subject is moving. Conventional digital cameras have a feature called “burst mode” that lets you shoot a sequence of photos by simply holding down the shutter button. This not only provides a potential source for a flip-book like effect but the ability to pick out the moment you like best from the sequence.

There’s an iOS app that gives the iPhone, iPod touch (models with a camera) and iPad 2 burst mode photo recording. And, for the moment, it is free.

QuickPix (iTunes App Store)

The app works with select iOS devices. Each device has different burst mode speeds (photos per second)

– iPhone 4: ~2 pictures per second (pps)
– iPhone 3GS: ~2 pps
– iPod Touch: ~6 pps
– iPad 2: ~14 pps

Note: ~ indicates approximately.

The iPod touch and iPad 2’s better performance is probably due to their lower photo resolution (sub-megapixel) compared to the iPhone 4 and 3GS.

QuickPix performs very clever photo buffering based on what I saw in my tests. I pressed and held its shutter button to take a couple of photos in sequence. Then, I quickly switched to the iPhone 4’s Photos app and saw the photos appear there in sequence. QuickPix buffers the photos to achieve its burst mode and delays writing to the photo gallery (a slow process).