Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite for iPhone Lets You Edit Google Docs Files

Screenshot courtesy of Quickoffice

A missing mobile cloud feature high on my wish list is the ability to edit Google Docs documents, spreadsheets and presentations directly on my smartphone. I’ve given up on Microsoft delivering a Mobile Office Live feature. And, I’m still waiting for Google to deliver this ability. However, if you have an iPhone and can’t wait for Google to deliver this feature, Quickoffice as a $9.99 iPhone app that lets you work with documents started in Google Docs, Box.net, Dropbox, and MobileMe right now…

Quickoffice Launches First iPhone Application to Provide Access to Mobile Cloud Services with an Integrated Mobile Office Suite

It can edit text (Word) documents and spreadsheets (including Excel). However, it can only view, but not edit, PowerPoint presentations. Two out of three isn’t bad, though. And, Quickoffice promises a free update in 2010 that provides the ability to create and edit PowerPoint files.

Quickoffice Connect Mobile Suite 3.0.0 (iTunes App Store)