Quicklyst Lets You Take Notes On Your Kindle

There’s a new note taking app for the Kindle. Quicklyst is web based app, and it’s compatible with most mobile devices. Registration is not required, but if you do register you’ll be able to email your notes to your Kindle, as well as view and edit them on Android, iOS, and even your computer.The app will save your notes once a minute, automatically.

You can save, share, and print your notes, as well as have them emailed to your Kindle. Also, the app will save your notes automatically once a minute. The notes are organized in an outline format, not paragraph, and you can have several levels of sub-notes.

One of Quicklyst’s more interesting features is Latex support. Latex is a particular form of notation for writing out mathematical equations. If you know the notation, you’ll be able to use any number of Greek and Latin symbols in your notes. Unfortunately, given the design of the Kindle keyboard, it’s not going to be easy to use Latex notation  on the Kindle.

Even so, Quicklyst is still a step up on the original notepad tricks on the Kindle.