Quickly Mute An Android Phone

One feature that I think would be handy to have on all smartphones is a hardware button to mute the phone. It doesn’t need to be a separate button, it could be that if you held down the power button for a brief period of time the phone would go on mute. Of course, with Android you can simply turn the phone on and then slide the sound button to switch between mute and sound, but that requires two steps. When the phone is ringing in a meeting you want it to stop as quickly as possible.

The RD Mute App provides a simple and quick way to mute an Android phone. All you need to do to the mute the phone is to turn the phone over so that the screen is facing down, and turning the phone screen back up turns the audio ring back on. Another feature of the RD Mute app is the car mode, which mutes the phone when the phone detects it is moving at a specified speed.

In order for car mode to work the GPS must be turned on so that the app can detect the car speed. Once the specified speed is reached the phone is muted, and you can configure the app to automatically send an SMS message to inform the caller that you are presently driving the car.

RD Mute is a free app and available now in the Android Market.