Quick Test: Layar Reality Browser on a 3G iPad 2

One of the things I wondered about the iPad 2 was weather iPhone camera apps would work with it. I’ve tried several iPhone camera apps with the iPad 2. And, so far, all have worked. One that I found particularly interesting is the Layar app since it does not list the 4th generation iPod touch in its compatibility list. The iPad 2 has the same resolution camera specifications as the the iPod touch’s camera (960×720 pixels for still photos and 1280×720 for video).

Layar Reality Browser

Layar uses the iPhone’s video sub-system to work with its overlaid graphics (text). My iPad 2 is the Verizon 3G model. The iPad 2 3G models have built-in GPS like the iPhone. Although I do not subscribe to Verizon’s 3G service, I had WiFi access at this location and was able to use Layar as I would on an iPhone.

This kind of loosely coupled Augmented Reality (AR) app actually looks and feels better on the iPad 2’s larger (compared to the iPhone) screen.

There’s no guaranttee that every iPhone camera app will work with the iPad 2. However, so far, it looks like there is a good chance that many (perhaps most) of them will without revisions.