QuestLove Clearly Has a Thing for Nilla Wafers


I’m Old School — no question.

As a disc jockey in a former life, I couldn’t stand new music because it lacked the panache of the classics. Regardless of the genre, I played it, broadcast it, and definitely bobbed my head to it. Anything new, I avoided like a Kardashian does to poor white people.

New music offered me nothing, until the legendary Roots Crew. (And we’re talking long before Jimmy Fallon, like 1989.) Anywho, other than the most underrated lyricist outside of Talib Kweli, Tariq “Black Thought” Trotter, The Roots are known by the presence of ?uestlove.

Most dig his full afro, mad vibe on beats, and whatever else he likes. Over the weekend, America discovered his affinity for Nilla Wafers…and now, they love those even more.

As we shared previously, the kickoff for summer is here. You know, in case you missed that on your calendar. People begin pressing the swimsuit, as well as their wrinkled bodies to shimmy into said swimsuits. The summer is about vacation, friends, fun, and food.

For a certain drummer of The Roots, it’s about … Nilla Wafers?

What is lovely about social media — it shows the real champions of real-time interaction quickly. And, I’m happy to say, Nilla Wafers took the title!

The Nabisco brand was all over it like, well, Nilla Wafers on a “‘Nanner Pudding” (as my dear mother-in-law would say). Big shout out to Nilla Wafers because someone on its social media team was not asleep at the wheel.


Sometimes, a brand is one non-plugola tweet away from gaining thousands of new fans. The conversation in its entirety is here, but you get the point. Now, go get a box! #nomnom