Questions for ‘The Lazy Paperboy’

For anyone who follows us regularly on Twitter, The Lazy Paperboy is a constant staple in FishbowlDC’s virtual family. His philosophy of laziness far precedes his Twitter handle. He made it through just a few hours of a conference in downtown Washington this morning before he bailed. We met up with him and peppered the former journo with questions. His identity remains secret (even from us. In the weird online world we live in, we know him by  first name only.)

When did you come up with the handle @thelazypaperboy? It was when I started contributing at a little more than a year ago.

Why that name? I was looking for a way to be sketchy and anonymous on the blog and it fit my “work ethic,” which is to get as much done as lazily as possible. Journalism was good background for that. I used to be a reporter and a paperboy (not in that order.)

Where? A newspaper in another state and a wire service.

Why did you get out of journalism? Just the downturn in media. Started to look for some other way to earn a living with less uncertainty about the future. Got out before [being laid off]. I always wanted to keep writing and was too lazy to start my own blog, so I joined up with another.

Why the secrecy? [Uncomfortable pause.] I don’t want to say why I’m being secret. Working where I worked put me in contact a lot of D.C. journalists so it’s interesting to see where they are. So in what I write about on the blog…a lot of what is out there is where media and politics intersect.

Have you been lazy forever? Pretty much. I can probably work a full day if it’s something I’m interested in and excited about. I guess the way things work out I can get stuff done and still have time for plenty of good solid lazy activity.

Do you think reporters are lazy? If they’re good at it. It’s all about efficiency. if you’re smart enough and quick enough you don’t have to spend all day on it. I definitely enjoy the shallow end of the fishbowl.

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