Questions Continue on Rosenbaum Case

Colbert King spends a second weekend discussing the abysmal treatment from the D.C. emergency services that NYT reporter David Rosenbaum received when he was mugged and murdered in January.

The more documents come out, the more this case looks like a travesty. An obviously greviously injured man was allowed to lie around while the the responding EMS personnel misdiagnosed and then ignored their own recommendations. As King asks, “how vigorously has Fire and Emergency Medical Services pursued the facts?” The answer appears to be not very.

“In the immediate aftermath of his death, the public was treated to an official dance — with steps I’ve learned by heart after 16 years of covering the city government — called the D.C. Boogie. It’s one in which city officials, confronted with an unholy mess, try to dazzle you with their footwork, resorting to moves aimed at convincing onlookers that they are really doing something when in fact they are playing for time, waiting for the next big story to come along that will take them off the front page. That’s how they fake you out.

“I’m too old to take the fake. Besides, this story is not about a journalist with a major newspaper. It’s one more tragic tale that is told across the city, especially in neighborhoods that are home to those without weight in Washington’s power centers. That John Doe on Gramercy Street is a way to tell the story — even if some folks downtown and others caught up in their small worlds don’t want to hear it.”

King certainly deserves praise for staying on the case. Maybe his persistance will help drive the government to actually respond and address the complaints and questions.

But don’t count on it.