Quentin Tarantino Explains How He Deals With Inglorious Media Coverage

The iPad goes to his assistant.

During a recent interview with What the Flick?! co-host Ben Mankiewicz, filmmaker Quentin Tarantino touched on a number of journalism topics.

Tarantino explained that when it comes to consuming news, he relies mainly on an iPad. And that when he’s in a period like he is now, with The Hateful Eight and his support of New York demonstrators putting him in the media limelight, he gives his iPad over to his assistant for a couple of months, so that he isn’t tempted to pull up coverage of himself. From the conversation:

“I don’t like the way journalism has kind of taken a course, where before, you’d do an interview for Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair or New York Times Magazine. And you do a really nice sit-down interview, you spend two or three days with somebody. And then that interview… maybe it wasn’t art, but it had its own reason for existence. It had a beginning, a middle and an end… And it was always consumed that way, and appreciated that way. And maybe other interviewers would interview you down the line, and ask you questions about it.”

“But now, with the way things are kind of chopped up and the go-to bits are posted on Times of India, and The Guardian, and 450 things, that’s a real drag. At the same time, it’s only a real drag if that’s how you’re consuming your media. If I don’t Google my name every other day and see all that stuff listed, it doesn’t affect me whatsoever.”

Tarantino also dismissed a Nov. 29 New York Post report, picked up by The Daily Mail and others, that accused him of lying on Real Time With Bill Maher about spending time in jail because of unpaid parking violations. “They’re just really bad journalists,” QT said of Maureen Callahan and the paper’s failure to confirm separate stints of three, two and eight days in the slammer.