Qublix’s Safari Escape mixes Pet Rescue Saga with Collapse on Facebook


Casual game company Qublix has released Safari Escape on Facebook, offering gameplay similar to that of King’s Pet Rescue Saga. Each level in Safari Escape asks users to destroy groups of matching blocks, with the ultimate goal being to rescue safari animals stranded among the cubes by dropping them to the bottom of the screen.

Like another puzzle game, Collapse, Safari Escape sees new lines of cubes added to the bottom of the board every few seconds. Players must click on groups of three or more matching symbols to destroy them, while keeping in mind the effect gravity will have on the blocks that remain.

In addition to saving animals, players must earn enough points to unlock at least one star on the stage, while also keeping in mind the game’s move limits.


Players have access to a few power-ups, including those that clear whole color groups from the screen or simply destroy all cubes in a single row or column, regardless of color. A few of these boosts are given away for free as they’re unlocked, but players can always purchase additional power-ups with coins or real money.

Players are encouraged to invite their friends to play Safari Escape, and can compare their scores against those friends on each level’s leaderboard. Players can also send power-ups to their friends, or simply extra moves to use on a future level.

Safari Escape is off to a nice start on Facebook, with over 2.2 million monthly active players, according to AppData, our tracking service for social apps and developers. The game is available to play for free on Facebook.