Qublix launches Candy Bubble Rush on Facebook

Image via Qublix

Facebook game developer Qublix has launched its newest puzzle game on Facebook: Candy Bubble Rush. The game is quickly taking off on Facebook, gaining over 320,000 monthly active users in the last seven days, according to our app tracking service AppData.

Candy Bubble Rush is a bubble-popping game similar to titles like King’s Bubble Witch Saga or Zynga’s Bubble Safari. In each level, players are challenged with shooting bubbles towards others at the top of the screen, making matches of three or more colored bubbles. Each level ends when ten bubbles have been cleared from the top row, regardless of color.

As players complete levels, they’ll be allowed to compare their scores against their friends on level-specific leaderboards, and can replay levels to increase their scores, so long as they have lives remaining to do so. Players can have five lives at any one time, with lives depleting as they fail to successfully complete a stage.

Image via Qublix

Power-ups may destroy large groups of bubbles at once or change the color of existing bubbles, while a limited number of bubble “bullets” offers an increasing amount of challenge on later levels.

Candy Bubble Rush doesn’t do much to differentiate itself from the competition, but the game is already proving to be popular with fans looking for another bubble-popping game on Facebook. The game has reached 1.4 million monthly active players in only a few weeks since launch. It’s likely that some of these players are looking for an easier game, as other bubble popping games can eventually become quite difficult to play. Whatever the case, Candy Bubble Rush is now available to play for free on Facebook.