Quartz to Experiment With Bots

The Quartz Bot Studio is here.

Quartz is giving bots a chance to reshape the mobile news world. With a $240,000 grant from The Knight Foundation, Atlantic Media’s business brand is launching the Quartz Bot Studio.

“Bots are software you can talk to, either through text input or voice,” explained Zach Seward, Quartz’s senior vp of product and executive editor, in a post. “They fit neatly into these new media platforms because, without a graphical interface to click or tap on, the only way to control them is often through conversation. And chatting with a bot — even in a stilted fashion— requires a level of smarts that has come to be known as AI.”

“Anyone intending to create media in this environment needs to understand all of these areas,” continued Seward. “That’s why we’re launching the Quartz Bot Studio, with the support of Knight Foundation. The studio will experiment with applications of bots, AI, and related technologies for journalism on new platforms. And we’ll share what we learn with everyone.”