Quartz Publishes Top-Secret List of Pulitzer Prize Jurors

Journalists set to begin deliberations today

Quartz, the business news site owned by the Atlantic Media Co., got its hands on a big scoop, at least as far as the world of journalism awards is concerned. This morning, as Pulitzer Prize nominating jurors descended on Columbia University to begin deliberations, Quartz released a list of jury members—which, for now, is supposed to remain strictly confidential.

Quartz’s list of 44 journalists is made up of former Pulitzer winners (Washington Post Live editor Mary Jordan, Dallas Morning News vp, managing editor George Rodrigue) and other big names in the journalism world (Wall Street Journal deputy managing editor Raju Narisetti, USA Today editor in chief David Calloway). According to Quartz, it’s probably a partial list, given that last year’s included 77 people. (The nominating committee members’ names are released each year after the awards are unveiled.)

Pulitzer jury members are scheduled to meet at Columbia today to begin deliberations. Jurors pick three finalists in each category, from investigative reporting to editorial cartooning, from which the Pulitzer board (whose names are public) pick winners. Each award comes with a $10,000 prize.

Journalism awards aren’t exactly in the Quartz wheelhouse, which is generally geared toward tech and the economy, but the site appears to have a fondness for publishing secret lists. Last month, it published a confidential attendee list for the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, and ends the Pulitzer post by soliciting readers to submit any other top-secret lists to which they have access.

Quartz also noted that, despite its being eligible for the Pulitzers as an online-only news site, it didn’t enter this year.

When contacted by Quartz, Pulitzer administrator Sig Gissler wrote via email, “We regard any jury list as confidential and do not condone its release.” Adweek has reached out to Gissler for comment.