Quartz Launches Text Message-Style News App on iPhone

Quartz allows users to read news stories in an experience resembling a text message conversation.

Quartz has announced the release of its news app on iPhone, which allows users to read news stories in an experience resembling a text message conversation.

When users open Quartz, they’ll receive short news blurbs from a variety of websites in an overall ‘conversation’ (this content may include photos and GIFs). Once users read a story’s initial blurb, they’re presented with two options, allowing them to learn more about the topic, or move onto the next. Users can also tap many text bubbles to visit a story’s website and read the entire article.

Users will only receive a few news stories in each session with the app, and can customize their notifications to limit the number of alerts they receive each day. These options range from receiving notifications ‘a few times’ each day when multiple news stories are available, to only receiving alerts when ‘really, really big news’ occurs.

Quartz Screenshots

In addition to the main app experience, Quartz offers a ‘Chart of the Moment’ widget for the iPhone’s Today screen, which displays what Quartz called its’ most compelling Atlas chart of the moment.’ Quartz also supports Apple Watch.

While free to download, Quartz may integrate advertising into the conversation as users read. For instance, Quartz announced Mini is the app’s launch sponsor, so users may be prompted to learn more about one of Mini’s vehicles at the end of a session with the app, as an example.

Quartz is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.