Quartz Launch Two Weeks Away

New Atlantic Media site names launch sponsors

The launch of Quartz, the new business title from the Atlantic Media Co., is two weeks away, and some of the content—in addition to its prominent journalists—will be coming from launch sponsors Boeing, Cadillac, Credit Suisse and Chevron.

Quartz has been talking up the atypical approach it’s taking to advertising as well as news coverage; it's shunning banner ads and focusing on producing for smartphones and tablets for globetrotting executives. Advertisers are increasingly seeking to address consumers directly, and Quartz will enable them to publish branded content directly in its news stream through an ad element it's calling Quartz Bulletin.

”We’re not the first to do sponsored content, but what’s interesting is the fact that we’re building it into the foundation,” said Justin Smith, president of Atlantic Media, stressing that the branded content Quartz publishes will be clearly labeled as advertising to differentiate it from editorial content. “We believe branded content is going to be an essential part of the site itself.”

Each of the four sponsors will have full-page takeover ads on Quartz’s mobile, tablet and website as well, and will take part in launch events in cities like New York, London and Hong Kong.

Other marketers who want in will have to get in line: The launch sponsors will take over the site’s inventory through the end of the year.


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