Quantcast Links Web and Mobile App Data for Ad Targeting

PerezHilton.com is an early tester

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Quantcast is meshing consumer Web and mobile app behavior with an eye on making real-time ad buying more targeted.

Its new data-reporting system, dubbed Audience Interests, is aimed at digital publishers and has recently been tested by BlogAds, the proprietor of highly trafficked PerezHilton.com. Using the program, publishers define a segment of their own consumer audience to analyze, such as in-app purchasers who also read sports content. Quantcast's software then susses out what Web destinations the consumers are most likely to visit. The thinking is that the layered data will make brands champ at the bit.

"[Publishers] can use the list of top sites their audiences visit to discover user acquisition/cross-promotion opportunities," explained Jag Duggal, svp of product management at the San Francisco-based audience measurement company. "For instance, a cooking/recipe app may find the top cooking/food Web destinations that their specific audience visits. They may find that the users who make in-app purchases visit a different set of websites than the majority of their audience, and target those more valuable users for acquisition instead."

And it could work particularly well targeting smartphone-toting consumers, he suggested. "With the amount of time people now spend on mobile devices, we made it a priority to address the information gap for mobile," Duggal said.

Nicole Bogas, director sales and client services at BlogAds, added, "The list of top sites our audiences visit demonstrates our audience’s interests in categories such as food and fashion—the additional insight makes a stronger case to potential advertisers."

Cross-device data targeting is an emerging practice, and one that promises continued experimentation. Mobile marketers, who are increasing their ad spends, are eagerly awaiting evidence that their efforts drive sales.

Perhaps Quantcast's latest iteration will move the needle, as marketing software vendors swoop in on this area of need. For instance, MobileROI unveiled a cross-channel marketing system of its own in June.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.