Qualcomm Augmented Reality Android App $125K Prize Winner is: Paparazzi by Pixel Punch

Video courtesy of QUALCOMMVlog

Earlier this month Qualcomm provided a teaser video of the some of the top entrants to their Qualcomm AR Developer Challenge. Developers used Qualcomm’s Android Augmented Reality SDK to develop their AR apps.

Qualcomm Android Augmented Reality Developer Challenge Previews

The first prize of $125,000 went to Pixel Punch who developed Paparazzi. The app is described as: An interactive game where the player becomes a virtual paparazzo and sneaks pictures of a vain celebrity before he gets agitated and attacks your camera. You can see Qualcomm’s video of the winning app above. I think ubergizmo’s video below provides a better idea of what the app does.

QDevNet Augmented Reality Developer Challenge

Video courtesy of uberbizmodotcom