Quaid Media: TV Advertising on the Rise for Mobile Apps

Quaid Media has seen huge growth in television campaigns for mobile apps in 2015.

The number of television ad campaigns for mobile apps has increased substantially in 2015, as Quaid Media, which specializes in helping app companies market their products through television advertising, has reported it has booked more than 12,000 TV ads across 11 countries so far this year. That’s a 10x increase over the entirety of 2014.
Quaid Media attributes this to the increase in advertising budgets not only at major app companies, but smaller ones as well.
In a statement, Volker Dressel, general manager of Quaid Media, commented on the increase:

For many developers, TV advertising may feel out of reach, but the reality is that it’s less expensive and less complex than they think. There are three significant factors in the big increase we’ve seen. Firstly, the rising costs of performance and install-based advertising has made companies look to other forms of marketing, and they are finding that TV fits into their budget.
Secondly, the high profile TV campaigns run by some of the really big app companies have encouraged others to try TV for themselves, which in turn is influencing more and more companies to see if it can work for them. Thirdly, companies that already have effective user acquisition strategies and are expanding their product portfolio, are turning to TV as a platform for brand building—which is what TV excels at.

Some of these high profile campaigns come from the likes of Machine Zone, which recruited supermodel Kate Upton to advertise its game Game of War: Fire Age in a major global marketing campaign, and King, which has run TV ads for many of its casual games, including Candy Crush Soda Saga and Farm Heroes Saga, among others.
Quaid Media
Earlier this year, AppsFlyer announced its new tool for measuring and attributing TV ads for mobile app campaigns. As reported by SocialTimes’ sister site LostRemote, the tool tracks installs in a geographic region after an app’s ad runs on TV, and generates post-install analytics so app developers and marketers can track their performance.
A recent study from the Video Advertising Bureau (as reported SocialTimes’ parent publication Adweek), shows television in general still has the ability to boost business performance, with 60 of the 100 selected ‘large parent companies with significant media spending’ across nine advertising categories increasing their TV spending between 2011 and 2014, and seeing ‘substantial growth in revenue, stock price and earnings per share’ as a result during that period. The other 40 companies spent less. Specifically, those companies whose TV spending decreased during the period ‘underperformed the averages of the 100 companies.’
Quaid Media said the majority of companies have targeted U.S. consumers, with the average spending per campaign being $65,000. Germany, the U.K., France and Brazil have also been popular markets.
Josh Rinsky, vice president of sales and marketing at Quaid Media, added:

We are seeing a noticeable trend of clients seeking to run TV campaigns in synch with other digital marketing activity, especially mobile advertising and search, YouTube and video, plus other traditional media including outdoor advertising. Research has shown that when used in combination like this, TV actually improves the effectiveness of other media. So it suggests not only are companies spending more on TV advertising for apps, but that they are spending more on app marketing in general.

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