QR Codes On Your Resume: Gimmick Or Strategy?

Would you put a two-dimensional barcode (also known as a QR code) on your resume or business card? Would you scan one?

Our first instinct was to dismiss this as a gimmicky job-hunting strategy, but Joe Grimm talked to quite a few people who thought these were a good idea.

(If you’re lost at this point, read this and then come back.)

“Having it on your business card is very interesting because you’re handing those out person to person and it is generally a conversation starter,” Yvette Walker, a former recruiter, told Grimm. “It would make you look like you know what is going on.”

The director of interactive media at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, one of the first US papers to use QR codes, said he would “certainly” pay attention to a resume that displayed one of these codes, and at least one copy editor and page designer says the code on his business card helped him land a job by making him look forward-thinking and tech-savvy.

What we also didn’t know is how easy it is to generate your own: you can visit a number of free sites (like kaywa.com) and just punch in whatever URL you want. Then anyone snapping a picture of your card or resume will be taken to your Linkedin profile, your online portfolio, or a Rickrolling video–whatever you prefer. Try this one. It’s not Rick Astley but we’re sure you’ll enjoy it.