QR Codes Create ‘Living Headstones’ in Cemeteries

Where is the strangest place you ever saw a QR Code? Quiring Monuments has developed a method to put a QR code on a tombstone, an evocative way to use apps in the cemetery.

Check it out: “Quiring Monuments combines technological memorialization with traditional granite memorials by adding a link to the granite memorial which enables users of smart phones to connect to your personalized website. It can be viewed on the phone as visitors wander through the cemetery or on your computer by typing the unique web address into your internet browser. Although others may view the information, only visitors authorized by the family administrator can post information on the web page.”

The video embedded above outlines the technology. If you want to use QR codes in your own work, we’ve created a long list of QR code tools for booksellers, authors and publishers. (Via Caitlin Shamberg)