Qik VideoCamera for 2G/3G Joins Qik Live & Qik for 3GS: Record Video on Old iPhones

For some reason, the 99 cent Qik VideoCamera for the iPhone (original 2G model) and 3G that can capture video directly to these older iPhone models didn’t get much press. Fortunately, TechCrunch took note and let the rest of us know about it…

Qik Releases Local Video Recording For Older iPhones (They Already Can Do It Live)

Qik VideoCamera 4.46

…is available for 99 cents from the iTunes App Store. It can record videos on older non-video-ready (from Apple) 2G and 3G models at 7 frames per second (fps) with a resolution of 352×288. This is slow and tiny compared to the true video frame rates available on the iPhone 3GS and practically every other phone (smart or not) at 640×480 (or better). But, still, if you have no plans to upgraded to a 3GS, 99 cents is a pretty cheap way to enable you to record video on old iPhone models.

Video recordings are limited to one hour in length (not a problem IMHO). This next limitation might be a bit annoying for some people though: Videos can only be recorded in portrait orientation (video frame height is greater than its width).

If you have an older iPhone model, buy this app, and record something, post the link to your video here so we can all look at a sample. I’m not planning to test this one myself.