Qik Video Connect Test Drive: iPhone 4 Video Sample

I wrote about the new Qik Video Connect and Video Connect Plus iPhone apps last week.

Qik Launches Video Connect (free) & Video Connect Plus ($2.99) for iPhone: Real-time Video Sharing

I downloaded and installed the free version (Qik Video Connect) on my iPhone 4 yesterday and took it out to a park area to give it a quick test. You need to enter the account name and password for your free Qik account to get started. The app is easy to use after getting that out of the way. Recording was simple and I was able to upload the video file directly from the app to Qik.com over a 3G connection. You can see the result in the video embedded above. The video quality looks very good to me. It would be nice if Qik provided a server side image stabilization option like the one YouTube recently introduced.

YouTube Video Image Stabilization Tested with iPad 2 Recorded Video: Verdict? Awesome