Qik Live Records Video Even on Older (non-3GS) iPhones

I was one of many people who didn’t qualify for a subsidized iPhone 3GS when it became available this past summer. This has turned out to be a good thing from the point of view of testing the recently released video streaming apps though. Having and “old” 3G lets me see exactly what other 3G users see. I installed the recently released (Dec. 24) free Qik Live app and gave it a quick (no pun intended) test…

Qik now available for download from the iPhone App Store

You can see my first test video embedded above. The video looks like it is about 5 frames per second (if that much). That isn’t bad for a phone (I have a 3G) that isn’t allowed to record video natively.

Example video recording screen

Example video information editing screen