Qik and Facebook Connect Make Sharing Mobile Video Easy

Mobile video service Qik has integrated with Facebook to make sharing on-the-go videos as easy as sharing mobile photos. The marriage is possible through Facebook Connect, which enables Qik members to automatically upload videos from mobile devices to their Facebook pages.

Qik lets users share live streaming mobile video with friends, family, or customers on the web. While the Facebook integration won’t let you stream live content to your page, it does upload the video immediately when you’re done. If you have a non-touchscreen Windows Mobile device, you can select which videos go to your Facebook page to channel business and personal content to the appropriate places.

Setup is easy; just click on the Edit Profile page and look under the Networks tab to add Facebook as a network to your Qik account. When you log in to your Facebook page, you’ll automatically sign in to Qik. There’s also a “Connect with Facebook” tab on the Qik login page, as well as the top of the home page.

Comments made on Qik videos will be displayed on your Facebook wall, as will notices when you follow new Qik users. You can also add links to your Facebook status that will redirect to your Qik account when you start live feeds.

While the Qik integration is great, allowing apps like Qik to integrate mobile video into Facebook Pages would open a number of new doors for businesses. For example, think of promotional events, customer testimonials, introducing new products, or posting how-tos. Since everything is handled from your mobile device, you wouldn’t be tethered to bulky recording equipment, and there wouldn’t be any extended upload time between when video is shot and when it hits your page.