Qik $4.99 Per Year Premium Service Offer High Quality Video Playback for Nokia Smartphone Users

Qik video courtesy of Qik

Qik is one of those free services that I’ve appreciated but never really wondered how they stay in business. Their mobile apps are free (I’ve tried Qik for Android, Nokia, and Windows Mobile). And, their web video service (incuding video storage) is free. They have one premium service which costs $49.99 per month and lets you use your Qik videos with Brightcove (a premium web video service aimed at professionals).

Qik now has a premium consumer product…

Make your videos even more special with Qik Premium

Its promotional price (until March 31) is $4.99 per year and is only available for Nokia phones from Nokia’s Ovi Store. So, what do Nokia phone users get for $4.99 per year?

– Download your uploaded videos from qik.com in the MPEG-4 video format
– High quality transcoding for better playback
– Videos optimized for faster playback on a variety of network connections

Select the “HQ” (high quality) option in the Qik video embedded above to see what this new premium high quality option looks like.