Qatar Steel Hires Designer Syd Mean to Predict the Future for Them

Proof that we will all soon be living in a time when everyone in the world is envious of a small stretch of ocean-front land in the Middle East, PSFK is reporting that the Qatar Steel corporation has hired industrial designer and artist Syd Mead to paint a portrait of what their home town of Doha might look like in the near future. Mead, who, among a billion other projects over the years, consulted on the looks of almost every influential movie about the future, including Tron and Blade Runner, offered the company up a painting with space ships and crazy Zaha Hadid-esque skyscrapers. That’s cool and all, but we think the real story is just below the surface. We think the people at Qatar Steel hired Mead, saw what he came up with, sat down with the checkbook and a handful of architects and designers and said, “Okay, here’s a blank check. Make everything in this painting happen in about two years. Start with those hovering spaceships. Those are wicked cool.” (It should be noted that we don’t really think they say ‘wicked cool’ in Qatar’s native tongue, but we desperately wish it were true. In our minds, they’re also saying it in a New England accent, too).