Israeli QassamCount Application Goes Viral on Facebook

When the Gaza war started last week, both Israeli supporters and Gaza supporters instantly became part of the social media war. Whether it was through Twitter accounts dedicated to complete coverage of the events, blogs set up for non-stop coverage, or people simply updating their Facebook status or profile picture, the social media war was in full swing. Yesterday Dan Peguine (developer of Honesty Box) and Arik Fraimovich, launched QassamCount, an application that automatically updates users’ Facebook statuses with updates about the most recent Qassam rockets that have fallen in Israel.

In the first 24 hours of the application launch it has grown from 0 to over 1,000 users. While it’s still too early to tell how big the application will get, it’s interesting to see the growth taking place. Users of the application can choose to update their status with the latest Qassam rocket updates or they can have a daily report added to their status. It’s a simple idea but one that I’m sure will go viral.

The feed comes from the same feed that is providing updates to the QassamCount Twitter account. It’s incredible to see applications like this launch so quickly. When it comes to the social media war, Israelis are clearly putting forth a lot of effort to avoid a situation similar to that which occurred during the recent Lebanon war. That time around, many state that the media coverage ended up being more critical of Israel than other participants in the war (Hezbollah, etc).

With just 1,000 users, the application now has an effective reach of over 200,000 users when considering the number of friends that each user has. This type of metric shows how powerful Facebook and social media can be in general when you take into consideration the network effect. If you happen to be a supporter of Israel, go check out the QassamCount application.

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