Q&A with Inside Social Marketing speaker Kevin Mullett of MarketSnare

Kevin Mullett — the Director of Visibility and Social Media at Cirrus ABS, an award winning CMS, and MarketSnare, a product to help brands capture local opportunity via SEO for dealer networks— is one of the most in-demand social marketing speakers in the country.

He will discuss how marketers can utilize audio, video and image tools for success through social media at the Inside Social Marketing conference, Dec. 3-4 in New York City. Register today by clicking here!

Mullett recently sat down with Inside Facebook for a Q & A about his upcoming presentation.

Q. Kevin, you follow the keynote speaker at the upcoming ISM conference. What are you going to wow us with?

A. Well, I hope to help people solve their OPC syndrome. OPC stands for Other Peoples Content, and it’s an unfortunate marketing illness that some get infected with. They know they must populate their social channels and blogs with content, but since they struggle with the time, tools, or ideas to create it, they settle for sharing content from others. Now don’t get me wrong, we’ve all heard the 80/20 rule about balancing 80 percent of OPC with 20 percent of your own content. My goal is to put that in some context.

Q. Can you provide some example context?

A. Sure. One of the major reasons people share so much of other people’s content is that their own content is anemic. When people love the content you are creating, and are left wanting more, then you are able to use OPC as a supplement. This helps show that it isn’t “all about you”  while still enabling you to build advocates within your industry.

Q. Why do you feel this is such an epidemic?

A. For a combination of reasons. Many CMOs and marketing managers have bosses that won’t let them have nice things. That is to say, either the C-Suite or small business owner doesn’t have the budget to support their folks in the trenches, or they won’t allocate the appropriate resources because there isn’t sufficient buy-in. They don’t believe their marketing is sick. As a result, the bulk of resources go to traditional “tried and true” advertising methods. Sadly, much of this is based on “homeomarketing” belief, not hard evidence.

Q. What about idea generation or knowledge of what will work?

A. It is true that the creative portion is harder to tackle, but often this goes back to not having the resources, like tools, time, or buy-in, to bring good ideas to fruition. It can also be indicative of simply not knowing how to feed one’s creative side.

Q. What about the dissemination and content marketing part?

A. This starts with quality platforms and tools that empower marketers to efficiently get the right content into the right audiences’ hands. My session will cover the tools necessary to accomplish this: tools like buffer, which is available to businesses of any size, and on up to enterprise solutions like our own MarketSnare product. It is designed for companies that have tens to thousands of locations that require distribution of unique, locally relevant content to a network of partner websites.

Q. What will the “Doctor” prescribe for this ailment?

A. Well, I hope people will catch my presentation at the ISM event, where I will prescribe a daily diet of creative content examples, the continuation of OPC (in moderation), and a near-lethal dose of tool choices (over 100) by way of my slides. Some may slip into a tool coma, but once they wake back up, they will be on the road to recovery from the OPC syndrome.