Q&A with Inside Social Marketing speaker David Serfaty of Matomy


As director of social advertising at Matomy Media Group, a global performance marketing company, David Serfaty oversees the company’s agency-based social media marketing practice. He advises clients on best practices and strategies for ensuring performance across all of their social advertising campaigns and works with the company’s social media strategists and technology teams to deliver performance-based solutions to the company’s clients.

Serfaty will speak Dec. 4 at the Inside Social Marketing conference in New York, leading the session, “Don’t get left behind. How to get the most out of Facebook Mobile.” Passes are still available, so you should register now. Inside Social Marketing has brought together speakers from Poo-pourri, the NHL and Virgin America, among many others.

Serfaty — previously COO of Facebook PMD Adquant — spoke with Inside Facebook recently, offering tips for marketers looking for more success through Facebook’s mobile platform.

Inside Facebook: What will you discuss at the conference?

David SerfatyDavid Serfaty: The talk I’m going to give is a workshop called, “Don’t get left behind, how to get the most out of Facebook Mobile.” I really want to dive into some of the things that advertisers are going to need to equip themselves, in terms of how to leverage acquisition, how to leverage engagement within Facebook advertising.

The platform itself is moving at an electric pace. There are new features, new functionalities coming out all the time. I really want to dive into the checklist items that any advertiser is going to need in order to make the most out the ecosystem right now. I want to talk about the product placement and the targeting methodology used for acquisition and for engagement. We’ll look at some of the recent trends coming out of the platform and what you need to actually measure.

IF: For brands that are finding success through mobile on Facebook, what are some things that they’re doing well?

DS: The companies that are successful on Facebook with Facebook advertising right now are the ones who are really able to leverage the newer developments. For example, Facebook just came out with a really neat new ad unit for driving acquisition — video mobile install ads. We’re seeing really great results with it. You can click on it and see a 15-second video of the application.

Basically, the secret to success on Facebook is the quick adoption of new stuff, to put it simply. It’s a very competitive landscape, and as soon as Facebook releases something, you need to be on top of it. You need to figure out how to bid, how to target and how to do it properly.

One of the advantages that we have at Matomy (and also with Adquant) is that we share performance DNA. Everything we do is measurable, it’s quantifiable. Everything on the Facebook platform promotes the attitude to provide real, measurable business results. If you’re able to get on top of these things as they happen, you have a real advantage. You have a head start and you’re able to enjoy the gold rush.

IF: In the future, how important will video be to a Facebook marketing campaign through mobile?

DS: It’s going to be vital, to differentiate Facebook as a marketing channel. I think the advantage that Facebook has on mobile is just the sheer level of engagement. It’s the fact that people spend so much time every day, multiple times a day checking it. They’re treating ads as if they’re native content.

When you couple this engagement level with the rich format of video, it really lends itself to bringing in new levels of engagement for users. It’s really not intrusive. That’s something that’s important to point out. It’s a video that you can opt-in to watch. You can scroll past it without really noticing it. Or, if it does catch your attention, you can now watch the video. It’s a really big advantage for Facebook because what brings them ahead in the game is they have eyes engaged on the screen.