Q&A with Facebook Execs at f8

Inside Facebook is here with Mark Zuckerberg, Chamath Palihipataya, Elliot Schrage, and Ben Ling. The Facebook execs are taking press questions.

Q: Any details on the Payment platform date?

Zuck: I wish I knew.

Q: I’ve heard that the policies are being applied differently to different developers.

Schrage: When there’s a particular issue, what’s evaluated is not just the issue itself, but the context – how they respond to the issue, what they say, and their track record in the past. We’re interested in seeking advancement of the principles of the Platform, and less so any policy in particular.

Ling: We’re trying to be more transparent, and we want to work with developers to correct violations when they occur.

Q: When will developers have access to build on Facebook for iPhone?

Ling: Developers will have access in the fall.

Q: Is Facebook upgrading the way it handles messaging?

Zuck: We recently upgraded the way we handle the Inbox, for example. Our focus for the next few years is helping people share information and increasing the value to its userbase.

Q: What is Facebook’s vision for what it will become when Facebook Connect is successful?

Zuck: We think we’re building the core components of the ecosystem. User information, the feed infrastructure, different communication applications like photos and others. As time goes on, I think we’ll see more growth outside Facebook that will create more different ways Facebook can share. That will add value to users, to the feed system. We don’t think we’re pushing users in this direction, we think the world is moving in this direction. We want to do anythign we can to accelerate that.

Q: What do you think about the clones out there?

Schrage: We believe in innovation, not imitation. We don’t think imitation is fair, but we want to support innovation.

Q: Can you elaborate on your involvement with the Open Web Foundation?

Ling: We will be in dialogue with the group, and we’ll announce when we have more to share.

Q: Is Facebook going to become more of a professional network?

Zuck: We are trying to create value for all different kinds of users, and we’re happy that others are building applications that help people share information in a vusiness context as well.

Q: Do you plan on taking a cut of digital good transactions going on in the apps?

Zuck: We’ve thought about a lot of different things, but that’s not something that we’ve figured out yet. We’re still exploring many different monetization options.

Q: Do you plan on making it easier to publish content I create inside Facebook outside of Facebook, like into Twitter?

Zuck: If you’re using a Twitter app inside Facebook, that can already sync. We’ve thought about different RSS implementations. My guess is we’ll get around to it eventually. It’s not exactly clear right now because there are privacy rules that mean different people will need to see different things.

Q: Facebook is updating user profiles, when will business Pages get an update?

Zuck: We try to make pretty iterative changes. This was a difficult change to make iteratively because we widened the site. There will be some things that are constantly evolving.

Q: Do you have any stats you can share about how Facebook users are taking to the redesign?

Zuck: It’s pretty early because it’s only been live for a couple days, but we don’t have any stats on how much more people are sharing yet. We’re big believers in the concept of feeds and sharing recent information in general.

Q: What improvements are coming for search?

Zuck: We’re not close to launching it yet, so I can’t talk about it that much. We have some ideas.

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