Q&A With Erlina Tulabut

kicks.jpgSqueezeOC is running a new blog by Web editor and newbie runner, Erlina Tulabut, who is training for the OC Half Marathon in January. Personally, we like Erlina’s other blog, Sari Sari, much better. It’s about the funny stuff you encounter in this world. And it never makes us feel fat.

But we like Erlina. And we like reading what she writes, so we’ll push on. Plus, she was kind enough to slow to a jog and let us catch up with her for this Q&A:

Q: Cool kicks. Where’d you get them?

A: The Running Lab in Orange. I bought and returned two other pairs before I settled on these. They’re a size and a half bigger than what I normally wear. Many strange and painful things happen to your body during long-distance running and apparently freakish foot-swelling is one of them.

Q: When we put on workout clothes, we’re suddenly filled with energy and a belief in our bodies’ potential. We usually sit quietly until those feelings go away. Why didn’t you do the same thing?

A: Clearly, I am an idiot.

Q: It’s just us girls here, so be honest: Running really does suck,
doesn’t it?

A: No, it’s amazing. You start to see new things about yourself and the world. Like that one time when I was wearing my favorite robot T-shirt and I ran, and ran, and ran because I was powered my freaking amazing shoes. And the only reason I stopped was because I saw this open garage door and discovered this guy building — guess what –a robot! Oh, wait, that was a Nike commercial.

Running is hard, exhausting and it can get boring. But oddly enough, I’m beginning to like it.