Q&A With Chuck Martin: Mobile Marketing and the ‘Untethered Consumer’

With smartphone ownership going through the roof (news today that the Android is growing in popularity vs the iPhone), the next marketing frontier will be mobile. Chuck Martin analyzes this topic with his new book The Third Screen: Marketing to Your Consumers in a World Gone Mobile, which will be out in May. Martin is the CEO and founder of The Mobile Future Institute and director of the Center for Media Research at MediaPost Communications.

“In this new environment, it’s more of a pull. It’s not a push,” Martin told us during our interview. In the attached podcast, Martin describes the nature of mobile marketing, the opportunities and challenges, and what marketers should learn about this new outreach method. And his website includes stats about the explosion in mobile for commerce, social networking, and other uses. “Test and learn,” he emphasizes.

Click here (MP3 link) to listen to the entire interview.