Q&A: New York’s White Picket Fences

Daily Dose of Architecture pointed our way to the reader Q&A session put together by the NY Times with the editors of the new book The Suburbanization of New York, which features fourteen essays on the fleeing small shops, the increasing amount of chains and those lousy brick condos that all look the same and will serve as this decade’s architectural shame twenty years from now. There’s two days worth of questions sent in by readers, from both Monday and Tuesday. Some of the questions aren’t really questions at all but rather “ain’t that the truth!” comments backing the book up, but there’s some interesting discussion therein over the three bulky pages of material. And if you’re looking for more, Khoi Vinh has been talking about a similar topic recently in his post, “Little Shop of Horrors,” that takes a look at the somewhat positive side of the occasional uppity small shop shutting their doors for good.