Q3 Mobile Web Traffic is Up 67% From Last Year, but iPad Traffic Share is Down

Walker Sands Mobile Traffic report is showing a steady increase in mobile web traffic year after year, with mobile devices responsible for about 28% of all web traffic in Q3 of this year. That’s an increase of 171% since 2011.

Apple’s iPhone is seeing impressive growth in traffic share – up 30.7% since last year, giving the mobile device a large 31.4 percent of all web traffic. However, the report does show a small dip in iPad traffic share. According to the findings of the PR company, iPad traffic share actually decreased in Q3 of this year when compared to last year.  Android phones’ traffic share was also slightly down, but Android tablet is slowly increasing.

Comparatively, Apple’s market share remains high, but as Android and other operating systems continue to introduce more competition in the tablet space, the iPad is starting to see a decline in its total percentage of market share,” said Daniel Laloggia, digital marketing manager at Walker Sands. “The major takeaway for businesses is that as device market share continues to diversify, it’s imperative to optimize websites across devices to avoid missing out on revenue.”


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