PyramidVille gets a new name: PyramidValley, Zynga dismisses lawsuit

Update: Zynga tells us they’ve reached an amicable resolution in their lawsuit against Kobojo over PyramidVille and PyramidVille Adventures. Details of the settlement are confidential, but Zynga confirmed that neither group made any payments as part of the settlement. The original article is below.

BulkyPix and Kobojo this morning announced that the popular iOS title PyramidVille Adventure has received both a major content update and a name change. The game is now known as PyramidValley Adventure.

The update includes an expansion allowing players who reach Level 18 to start constructing new cities in Ancient Greece.

The name change is what’s really of note here, though, since Zynga filed a lawsuit against Kobojo over the PyramidVille’s title back in May. This wasn’t exactly surprising, since Zynga has a habit of going after developers who add the “Ville” suffix to their games, but it did raise some eyebrows because the game had already been out for 15 months.

As we noted then, Zynga may have finally decided to go after Kobojo in court because of how quickly Kobojo had been able to expand the brand — particularly in Arabic-language territories. We’ve reached out to Zynga to ask if the name change will have any effect on the lawsuit and will update the story if we receive a response.

While our traffic-tracking service AppData shows PyramidValley Adventure has fallen off the iOS charts, PyramidValley is still going strong on Facebook with 430,000 monthly active users and 110,000 daily active users. While this is a far cry from the game’s peak traffic levels of 2.85 million MAU and 517,000 DAU, PyramidValley’s DAU/MAU ratio is at a little over 25 percent (anything above 20 percent is considered a healthy game).