PyramidVille Adventure for iOS brings citybuilding to the desert

PyramidVille Adventure by BulkyPix is an iOS adaptation of the company’s Facebook title PyramidVille. The Facebook original launched in January 2011 and, according to our traffic tracking service AppData, enjoyed a peak MAU figure of just under 3 million, with a peak DAU figure of a little over 500,000. The Facebook game has been in gradual decline since, currently sitting at 740,000 MAU and 160,000 DAU.

Similar to the approach Zynga took with the mobile versions of CityVille, PyramidVille Adventure is an all-new game rather than an app which simply provides access to the Facebook version. Rather than taking on the role of an anonymous worker as in the Facebook edition, here players can choose to play as either Cleopatra or Ramses and are tasked with rebuilding their father’s Egyptian city with the eventual aim of becoming Pharaoh.

Core gameplay is very similar to CityVille. Players build structures around their city, some of which produce supplies. Supplies can be given to buildings around the city in order to make them produce income — in this case, taxes from residents. Players must grow their city by building residential structures while also ensuring they have production facilities for various projects, as some buildings require raw materials as well as soft currency to produce.

The main twist for the mobile version is the addition of trade missions to nearby lands. By building a boat on the Nile, players are able to trade their goods with a variety of other empires. Different empires require different goods and can provide different ones in exchange. Those that are further away require better boats to access, so there is a gradual unlocking process as the player’s income and experience level increases.

When undertaking a trade mission, players can optionally attempt to reduce the amount of real time the mission takes by participating in a minigame. These range from defending against attacking pirates by flicking them off the touchscreen, to catching boxes of goods being thrown from the city wall. Successfully completing one of these minigames not only cuts the amount of time a mission takes, but also gives the player a much more active feeling of involvement in the trading than in many other games of this type.

Social features include Facebook and Game Center compatibility. The use of Game Center is limited to achievements — all friend management is done via Facebook, though there is no crossover between PyramidVille and PyramidVille Adventure players at this time. Players are also able to post their achievements, level ups and completed quests to Facebook as well as send gifts to their friends.

The game is monetized through a standard system of hard and soft currencies, both of which can be acquired through in-app purchase or earned at a much slower rate through gameplay. Here, the hard currency Gems can be used to hurry production on buildings, purchase premium items and avatar customizations from the store, and to expand the amount of land that is available for building. The game also makes use of an energy system to limit play, and additional energy can be purchased using Gems if the player does not wish to wait.

PyramidVille Adventure was released today on the App Store. Once the game has made an entry into the App Store charts, you’ll be able to track its progress using AppData, our traffic tracking application for social and iOS games and developers.