Putting The DVD Back?

Leave it to Erik Wemple to hit publish seconds before we do…but hat tip for doing just that.

We’ve been working on a blog post today about how former Postie, David von Drehle, is in consideration for Len Downie’s job. Wemple’s hearing the same thing.

Von Drehle’s an interesting choice for a number of reasons…(see his FishbowlDC interview here)

You’ll recall that Von Drehle was a star at the Washington Post before leaving for Time magazine in November 2006. He’s a bit of an old school journalist whose experience has mostly involved longer-form journalism and one has to wonder if he’s gonna be a change agent for the paper.

Also: He had moved to the Midwest and has had some personal family issues that makes us wonder if he’s ready to move back East.

One has to wonder how this might affect Time magazine, too. Harry Jaffe wrote in May of last year about Time’s star reporters, but Ana Marie Cox has a less prominent role at the magazine and now Drehle may be looking to leave (Wemple says he’s already written a memo for Weymouth with ideas for the paper).