Putting A Big Fish In A Small Pond

flickr: praveengupta

Smaller businesses are taking the opportunity to scoop up talent that might’ve come at too high a price, if not for the recession, massive layoffs, and career advisors everywhere (including us) have been saying “Look, just take a pay cut to get back to work. Anything’s better than nothing.”

But there’s a problem, says Workforce: The new guy, used to big corporate culture, might not fit in at a small, relaxed startup. And the new guy’s new coworkers will be incredibly resentful. (Wouldn’t you be?)

And hiring companies need to beware of high-profile people just looking for a temporary gig. (Conversely, if you’re looking for a job that you think you might look “overqualified” for on paper, make sure to address that issue—so hiring managers don’t think you’re just a serial job-hopper or just looking for a six-month thing ‘until the economy turns around.’)

How do you assess fit? Read the Workforce article to find out.