Put Down the Phone and Sleep Easier

The world's mobile and restless

Close your eyes and step away from the smartphone. This is the mantra more and more people in today’s workforce must tell themselves, according to a new report by iPass. The company’s business is wireless connectivity and 'mobility services' for the employee on the go and their recent findings show that 94 percent of 'mobile workers' are plugged in to work with smartphones. More than half of those surveyed keep their mobile devices nearby, even during the sleeping hours.

iPass surveyed 3,500 people who are not tied to a cubicle for their work. Their findings revealed that workers, especially those aged 22 to 34, can’t walk away from their jobs at the end of the work day. At night, 77 percent of the younger set keeps their phones in their bedrooms, and in the morning, more than a third of those surveyed check their email before doing anything else.

Though the addictive nature of the devices might be bad for their home life (29 percent say their digital device use causes friction in personal relationships), this class of mobile workers is reported to work approximately 240 hours a year longer than the average member of the workforce.

There is a robust group of global movers and shakers that jetset for work and take their technology with them, but not all let high connectivity influence their rest. European respondents were the least likely to lose sleep over any burning messages that might be awaiting them in their inbox. Meanwhile, those living in the Asia Pacific region rest the least, with more than half of the respondents in the area waking up in the middle of the night to check their devices.