'Pushing Daisies' Is The Most Explosive Facebook Page

This week's fastest-growing pages include television shows and non-profit organizations doing their part in Japan.

This week’s fastest-growing pages include television shows and non-profit organizations doing their part in Japan. Check out our list below, and for more detailed numbers on the hottest trends on Facebook check out our page statistics.

This Week’s Explosive Pages

Name # Of Fans Daily Growth Weekly Growth
1.”Pushing Daisies” on the WB 190,296 -67 166,047
2. “NCIS: Los Angeles” 934,766 28,851 150,738
3. Oishi News Station 310,790 4,064 142,338
4. Paul Pierce 806,339 18,114 124,880
5. World Vision USA 555,820 12,935 122,822
6. Cracked.com 957,460 25,769 120,323
7. Alex De Souza 613,478 22,477 116,060
8. Bare Escentuals Cosmetics 315,636 1,451 115,948
9. Yahoo 992,328 18,263 111,636
10. Mentos US 751,079 28,500 111,167

Two television shows successfully nabbed the top two spots on our list this week. WB’s “Pushing Daisies” page, an interactive place for fans to watch clips and discuss episodes, saw a weekly growth increase of 166,047. “NCIS: Los Angeles” is running an interesting promotion involving Instagram, and the contest has helped the show earn 150,738 new followers. Thailand’s Oishi News Station had a notable week, as 142,338 people started following the page.
Paul Pierce is offering exclusive content in exchange for tapping the like button; 124,880 Celtics diehards fanned the athlete’s social networking home. In the world of soccer, or football depending on your location, the Alex De Souza page has 116,060 new buzzing fans.
World Vision USA is a Christian non-profit organization that saw a great leap this week; 122,822 Facebook users showed their support on the page in the past seven days. The page is offering updates surrounding the recent tragedy in Japan.
Humorous readings and video clips are offered on Cracked.com; since last Monday the long standing site witnessed a weekly growth climb of 120,323. Yahoo‘s wide variety of content has helped them reach just under one million fans; this week 111,636 users helped them inch closer to that mark.
Finally, some retail brands close up the bottom of the list; 115,948 people began adding to the chatter on Bare Escentuals Cosmetics‘ page. Popular candy Mentos saw 111,167 fans of the candy headed to Facebook to show off off their love for the sweet.