Push: Some Social Games Require Thinking

In need of a game that uses the mind, but simple at the same time? Try Push, developed by Socialspeil, it's actually pretty good.

Most of the time you’ll find social gaming articles are about the fastest growing games by MAU (monthly active users) or a comparison of how a specific game is doing to Farmville. These types of articles are important to the social gaming world, I write them myself. However, I also believe that it’s important to take a look at some lower ranking games. You’d be surprised to find out that some of them are actually pretty good

With about 100,000 MAU, Push fits into that category. Socialspiel, the independent social gaming developer, developed Push for gamers who are looking for an easy-to-use online board game.

From the very beginning, Pon Du Bear (Push’s main character), provides the gamer with a simple tutorial to sit through, which is then followed by a training match to practice what you just learned.

In Push, each gamer has a set of “pops” allocated to them for their side of the table. The main concept behind Push is that you must knock off your opponent’s pops before your opponent does the same to you. This concept may sound simple, but it becomes complicated quickly (there are rules to the game).

Push requires more thinking than your typical social game, which is a plus for some gamers. Once the gamer feels comfortable with Push, ranked games are the next step. During these ranked games, a gamer can either play against friends or be set up with a random gamer. Move up the rank in Push to acquire special maneuvering abilities that give you an advantage over your opponents!