Push Gmail Hits the iPhone and Windows Mobile: Still No Alias Reply Feature Though

Google Sync is, IMHO, nothing short of revolutionary. It is what Microsoft (through MSN), Yahoo! and others could have and should have done years ago but did not (to Yahoo!’s credit, they licensed Puma Sync years ago to let their customers sync with client-side apps, but it didn’t work well): Make it easy and cheap (free) to sync personal critical information in the form of address books and calendars. I have, for example, stopped syncing my iPhone with my Mac and stopped syncing Windows Mobile phones with my PC. I simply sync my phones with Google Calendar and Contacts over the air (OTA) and don’t worry about tethered syncing. Syncing just happens. It is amazingly good. The most amusing aspect of this is that Google beat Microsoft to OTA syncing for the masses using Microsoft’s own Exchange ActiveSync technology.

Google now has the BlackBerry in its sights by bringing push email to their iPhone and Windows Mobile game (Android has had push since the beginning) using, again, Exchange ActiveSync technology from Microsoft…

Google Sync: Now with push Gmail support (Google Mobile Blog)

Groups using Google Apps aren’t left out either as you can see from this item…

Push mail for iPhone and Windows Mobile: the choice is yours (Google Enterprise Blog)

There’s only two issues I have with this syncing so far.

1. When I bought my iPhone 3G last year, I set up Google Mail using the method Apple provided for configuring it. It looks like I now have two accounts both point to my Google Mail: The original Gmail account and the new Google Sync configuration. I suppose I can just delete the original setting but have not done so yet.

2. If you use Gmail to collect mail from other accounts, Google Sync on the iPhone does not have the feature that lets you respond to email using the forwarded account address. Any reply comes from the @gmail.com address.