Puppy Throwing Girl Arrested After Thousands Protest Her On Facebook

Talk about a week of animal abuse. Following one woman who was placed under police protection after thousands of Facebook users protested her for throwing a cat in a trash bin, comes a girl who has been arrested for throwing puppies in a river. The Bosnian girl was arrested following another Facebook protest group.

According to AllVoices, the girl will only be fined, as “Under Bosnian law a person who kills or tortures animals is punishable only with fines ranging from 15 to 5,000 euros”. Not much of a punishment considering that these puppies probably didn’t make it. Given that the girl has received so much coverage, there is a concern that a string of copy-cat attacks will take place.

We’re hoping, for the sake of puppies and kittens everywhere, that such a wave of attacks does not materialize. The videos are still posted all over the web (primarily on LiveLeak, which has attracted millions of views). We haven’t taken the time to watch the video, however we’re hoping some of the puppies were rescued and that this girl is punished with more than a small fine.