Punk Shui, The Book Emma Goldman Wants You To Read


An interesting book we heard about by way of, somehow, the Winston-Salem Journal, NY-based designer John Amatore Hughe’s book, “Punk Shui: Home Design for Anarchists.” The phrase we found is interesting and cute, “punk shui,” but the second part really had us rolling our eyes “home design for anarchists” because, really, shouldn’t anarchists be concerned with larger issues than decorating their home (“Come on over to my place, Capitalists! It’s totally going to change your mind about social interaction models!”). But that’s neither here nor there, as we realize the book needs to sell and therefore needs a snappy title, and we like the phrase and we really like Three Rivers Press, the publisher, so we will just leave it at that. Check out the book’s site too, as it’s chocked full of photos, movies, and a little more info about the book.