Pump up your portfolio via mobile or video

The recent list of 15 Journalists’ outstanding personal sites featured a group of journos whose portfolios were innovative, yet most were spread over several pages. For the broadcast and visual journalists, sometimes something briefer and more compact is required.

The still-growing popularity of online video means journalists can upload video clips of their work that encapsulate who they are professionally in just a few moments. This cuts down on the time a potential employer has to spend sifting through pages to get an idea of who they are.

An online reel can be as simple as a well-edited YouTube video like that of NYC-based reporter Tony Anderson (embedded below) or incorporated into an existing site like that of on-air personality Alex Miranda.

If you’re going to have an online reel to show, it helps to already be a visual designer. Mark Coleran shows off some of his work in a minutes-long online reel. More important than the stunning graphics is the video’s editing which makes the composite work feel like a non-verbal narrative.

Alternatively, web/multimedia designers and photographers would be wise to have mobile-enhanced portfolio sites that are accessible anywhere. Imagine it: You’re at a social function and a possible employer wants to see some of your work. Instead of just handing him or her a business card with a link to your site, you can pull out your iPhone, Blackberry or other smartphone and give them a quick visual glimpse of your talent.

This can be accomplished by simply uploading photos/screenshots/graphics to a dedicated folder on your phone or by creating portfolio site optimized for the mobile web.

Whether your résumé exists in an alternative form or not, it is absolutely necessary that every journalist has an online personal site for displaying his or her work or else you’re letting opportunities pass you by.

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